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Animated videos vs Normal videos – Which one is better?

Videos are considered the best medium to communicate to the masses. A lot of highly appealing videos have proven themselves the best communication tool.

Videos’ effectiveness in conveying a message is largely accepted by everyone now. But, a newer question which kind of videos are better? Videos are not isolated from categorization, there are lot of different video types that are categorized differently.

The most basic breakdown, these days, is between animated videos and normal videos (or videos in real time).

It is quite obvious that if there is segregation in the same field then there will be conflict, and if there is a conflict the spectators would demand a winner.

So, this article has brought the conflict to you, so that you and we can decide a winner together by a consensus.

Now, before we reach to a conclusion let us lay down the table with all the facts, the pros and cons and everything else. We know that we are animated video makers, but this standpoint is not going to be biased at all. Let’s begin, shall we?


To begin with, we need to understand what actually these two type of videos are.

“Animated videos” are short visuals that  convey a certain message or propaganda to its viewership. They are made up of animated backgrounds, objects and characters with a voice over in the background.

“Normal videos” (or videos in real time) are videographs recorded in real time action. They are also supposed to convey a message to the audience but they don’t have any animation in them (usually not). They consist of real backgrounds and real people.

  1. Stimulation of emotions in the audience

Stimulation of emotions refer to the phenomenon of the audience being able attach themselves to the visuals that they are being shown or watching voluntarily.

They hold certain significance in deciding which video type is better. The video type that is able to create space for emotions in the audience is undoubtedly the better video.

In case of animated videos, there is no actual expression of human feelings and so it leads to lesser stimulation of emotions in the audience.

At the same time, normal videos consist of actual humans and hence they will be able to express their feelings better. So, the stimulation of emotions will be more in audience.

Clearly, in this distinction, normal videos win the case.

  1. Viewerships relatability with the characters

When people watch something, they prefer relating themselves to the characters in the video.

This is a necessary parameter because people only understand the message when they are able to relate themselves in the video.

They relate their problems with the protagonist’s in the video and implement the solutions given by the video in their life.

Considering the animated videos here, animated character is an idealistic figure with on natural traits but the traits provided by the developer according to his needs. People relate well to such an idealistic character.

Taking the normal videos here, normal videos have normal human beings in them and there is no place in the world where one can find an idealistic human being. Everyone in the audience knows this fact and won’t relate themselves to the character anymore.

In this aspect, animated videos score more than normal videos.

  1. Making efforts

This aspect refers to the process and efforts that goes in the making of the video. It is an important parameter, because the judgement should also be given from developers of these videos.

In the case of animated videos, we all understand they are harder to produce. They need professionals and right equipments who spend hours on creating right animations. Later, compiling them together. Although, already prepared animations, available in bulks can resolve this problem.

Looking at normal videos here, for amateurs, they are easy to make – all you need is a camera and shoot a video. But talking professionally, they too need a lot of equipments and take a lot of time till the final shot.

We can give both the videos equal points here, because they are both tough to make. And, both are necessary for video producers depending on the propaganda they need to show in their videos.  

  1. Comprehensible explanations

The parameter of comprehensible explanations refer to the easiness in understanding the idea show in the video. The video that can simplify the ideas and deliver it to their audience is always the better video type.

Here, in animated videos, the sole purpose of these video types is to break down the complex components of an ideation and express it into simpler forms. Animation can help in explaining lot of things in a simplistic manner. They can produce the ideas in the literal sense in the world of animation.

In normal videos, it is a little hard to explain the complex ideas. Only longer duration normal videos can explain the complex ideas. In a short video it is next to impossible to explain a complex idea in ease.

The clear winner of this round is, the animated video type because of the possibilities in the world of animation.

The judgement

To rule a judgement between both the types of videos, we believe that normal videos started off really great but the time levelled both the types and now animated videos have taken the lead. They will dominate it until a drastic change in the videographic field. So the winner of this conflict is, the “Animated video” type.

Animated videos are definitely a great way of explaining things to masses.

Blisstro has been working in this direction for a very long time now and it has contributed a great deal to the animated video types.

We make excellent videos for all kinds of business, irrespective of the size of your business. Please get in touch with us if you give your consensus to this judgement and need an animated explainer video to promote your business.


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