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March 5, 2018
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Best WordPress Themes for Video Blogs

WordPress is an open source software that works in helping people create beautiful websites, blogs, apps and/or whatever way you want to use it for to publish any content. WordPress sites start once you have selected a theme for your site which is suitable for your work or publications.

A lot of people have started to make video blogs over wordpress, since it is the easiest medium to do so. Although, there lays a challenge, before you start publishing your videos, you need select a perfect theme. Now, at times it may sound easy but it is a very hard task for the reason that the blogger wants everything to be perfect for the blog.

So, in this article we have researched for you and have found the top wordpress themes for video blogs. These themes satisfy all the requirement that a blogger can have when he is at brink of starting his publication. The themes are as follow:

  • Vlog
    Vlog is one of the best of themes that wordpress has to offer us. Vlog is a single stop for everything, it can be used for anything by the right person. Vlog is being and has been used by people making V-logs, magazines, newspaper stories and just random video posts. It serves all the purposes that a video theme should
    Vlog has all sorts of page templates available. The page templates are easily modifiable which makes it even more easier for the user to handle his site or blog according to his convenience. The Vlog has many great features such as automatic detection and creation of thumbnails on the blog.
    Vlog is very user friendly for the visitors of your blog. It provides them with a lot of flexibility and ease while using the blog..
  • Newspaper
    Newspaper is an elegant theme which gives the visitors a lot of content and that too not in a crowded screen manner but in a classy way. Newspaper’s interface manages itself through predictions and its design is very easy to use and responsive to the user. This theme comes with a lot of pre-loaded feature, the template consists of video styles, two dedicated video blocks and an autoplay function along the way. The theme is ready to take up all the load that you can put on to it, it can handle bulks of data. The architect of theme has also added a lot of addition feature relating to social media counters which would help the user in the expansion of its publication.
  • The motion
    The motion is a theme for other themes to reckon with. The appearance of the theme maintains the professionalism of the blogger and is also loaded with amazing features throughout. The motion could be one of the only theme that offers a great amount of flexibility in the customization process of the site. A lot of bloggers have used it in their own accordance and have created next to perfect templates for their blogs. Image backgrounds, theme background, slideshow background, video deck background, all of this can be customized in The motion.
    The motion has collaborations with the powerful WooCommerce plugin, the plug in would make the users able in charging their customers for the content that they see on their blogs
  • Snaptube
    Snapttube was created by the Cohhe team for the people who want to publish their video content online on wordpress. Snaptube has easy and great layouts to offer to their customers, this theme works like single sop for all the videos for the visitors. The visitors can find everything in one place, that is the homescreen. This theme is also provided with necessary plugins that helps the user to start charging their visitors for the content they have published.
  • VideoBox
    VideoBox holds a great position in the comparison of video blogging themes. It is regarded as one of the most adaptive themes which help the user in making changes. The theme changes exactly as the user wanted the changes to be. All kinds of bloggers out there – Professionals, randoms, portfolio maintainers and personalized bloggers, are using VideoBox.
    It’s notable feature include, automatic generation of thumbnails for the uploaded videos and its versatility for the visitors that it shows different content to different users based on their interests.
  • Primero
    In favor of the popular opinion, Primero is a site if you are in a mood of showboating your content. Primero has fascinating theme and it attracts the attention of the audience. It may lack a little in its features but at the same time its three unique colour schemes makes your content look beautiful when displayed on the site.
  • VideoCraft
    VideoCraft is claimed to be no ordinary site. It is known that a person can run a complete user-generated website. A complete user-generated website can be understood when compared to vimeo, youtube or dailymotion. People use it create their own famous website. It is packed with features like user video uploading and video embedding. VideoCraft’s template offers a great space for categorising the videos that have been uploaded in the manner the user wants the visitor to see.
  • Videoblog
    The theme – Videoblog belongs to the plain and good themes. It has a very intuitive interface, helping the blogger on the way of his video publishing and popularity building. The design of the theme is very responsive and it has some of very easy to use layouts. Easy to use for both – the blogger and the visitors. The blogger won’t have to go through the complex task of arranging a complex templates at the same time a visitor won’t have to go through the trouble of finding what he/she needs, all because of the simplistic theme.
  • True mag
    The True mag theme is known to be very flexible. True mag helps in creating blogs that are easy to manage and offers a lot of demos to choose from on the tip of your fingers, all you need is to make a few clicks. The uses of True mag ranges from a simple portfolio making to full time video blogs. There are certain amazing features in the theme that helps in displaying of video ads and a tool for autoplay of videos. If you want a cool template which is flexible to changes then maybe this is what you are looking for.



Video blogs are very important for the video producing companies but at the same time, the true content and quality of the video matter. Here, at Blisstro take everything into consideration, we want a perfect blog as well. Just the perfect blog for now, because our content and quality has always been, if not perfect then, next to perfect.

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