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March 5, 2018
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March 5, 2018

5 great examples of brand storytelling in videos.

If time is racing fast against everyone and everything, then it may come as a surprise to you that animated explainer videos have taken a certain lead in the area of brand storytelling. Animated explainer videos are a great way to sing the ballad of a brand, loud and clear.

Our portfolio consists of many such great examples. A lot of great brands have sung their songs on a stage, set up by us.

We have told the stories of – Tinder, My influence, Helium, CW, Fox and lot others.

Animated explainer videos are perfect for your brand to tell their story, only if they are professionally made. If the videos lack quality, it would mean that they lack professionalism. In a market where professionalism is a moral ethic code, you can’t take the risk of showcasing your brand’s story vaguely in low quality.

Here, we bring to you some of the greatest examples of brand storytelling videos. They are not less than a home run in the market’s baseball field:

Ethical coffee chain

Here it is, the first and the finest example of brand storytelling through videos. Ethical coffee chain is an initiative, an organisation and now, also brand.

It being so many things, yet a simple animated video was able enough to explain it all in a matter of a few minutes.

Minutes? Yes, we understand your concern. Animated explainer videos are usually made up of a few seconds or a minute for max.

But this video is an exception, it is made up of 3 minutes. Some may think it is not right to consider this video as of one the greatest example of brand storytelling, but trust our opinion, it is.

Also, c’mon, 3 minutes aren’t that long.

So, in a matter of 3 minutes, the Ethical coffee chain explainer video covers the whole story. The initiation of the company and also the process used in the production of a packet of your coffee beans.

The video talks about what happens in the usual market and how their initiative is different. It talks about the participation of the consumer which is a point, we must take a note of.

If the viewers or the customers feel involved they tend towards the product even more. So, in a totalitarian perspective Ethical coffee chain deserves the position of being the finest storytelling video in brand marketing.



Things might contradict here, a little. We have given the first position to one of the longest Explainer videos available. And, at the same time the second place has been taken over by the Tinder whose video lasts for a bare minimum of 21 seconds.

Now, if the Ethical coffee chain video was long but it was vastly detailed and an excellent example of fine storytelling.

Here, the Tinder Explainer video is short but it still narrates a fine tale.

Concise answer is an art.

Tinder video is concise and yet it talks about the real essence of the brand. One may actually consider it as a ballad. Since it consists of a song which takes you on a ride through the functional usage of the app.

Twitter flight school

The twitter flight school video is another great example of brand storytelling in videos.

The video talks about an initiative that was made to help people learn about the vast landscape of the internet which is ever increasing and the only constant in it are the users for whom it is necessary to navigate through all the content.

Twitter flight school is meant to ease things up for those who are not professionals in this field. It teaches you the most efficient ways to use twitter.

The video brings out this idea of twitter flight school in the best way possible. The video shows a process of navigation where a paper plane is floating through a visual of online data. The plane takes you on a literal animated trip.

It takes you through the teaching processes of the Twitter flight school. The video is the size of an average Explainer video. It brings out the brand really well. Well with precision.


Spotify is a music app. Considered to be the best in class. There exists a lot of other applications that can play music. Or, can give you loads of online available options to play music from but not every kind of music.

Although Spotify, it has exactly everything. Any kind of music that is available on the internet or YouTube or even more is there in Spotify.

Spotify explainer video is also one of its kind. This video doesn’t have a voice over. The video developers has put a very attractive background music in the video which would definitely fill your nerves with adrenaline and make them move to the beats.

The video  explains the concept of Spotify through the visuals and a few words displayed in them. It is short, simple and very very attractive to the customer’s eyes.

What is Dropbox?

The Explainer video for branding the concept of Dropbox is a great example of brand storytelling too. The video begins with a blue box, Dropbox’s logo, opening and all the files flying out of it and reaching to everywhere the Dropbox user is.

Every scene in the short video of a minute, shows a feature of the Dropbox.

It talks about it being a website and an app for all the user’s devices. Easy to use and easy to go. It makes things easy to work on a same file with a lot of other people without their presence.

Feedback can easily be given. Share files on the new projects or make a budget plan; a Dropbox user can do anything.

When the video is ending, all the files that flew out of the blue box comes into the mobile phone, tablet and all the other devices, which can help the user access these files.


Videos are the new storytellers. They communicate to their audience easily and clearly. These 5 great examples are surely enough testimony to the fact.

Although, the quality storytelling of the videos depends on the people who produce it. If the production isn’t too well, well then, the video wouldn’t be too well, ergo the story wouldn’t be too well, either.

It becomes necessary for a brand to select a production house which are capable enough of producing great storytelling videos and we don’t want to blow our own horn but if you need someone to make a perfect storyteller video then we are the people for the job.  


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