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Most important aspects of an explainer video

A short and simple explainer video is not simply a collection of different visuals, effects and voice overs. These things are material required to build an explainer video but they are not what constitutes the video or what the video represents.

An explainer video constitutes of – content, copywriting, brand marketing, attention captivating traits and the way of storytelling.

Before we get these wheels on the road, we would like to declare that we are not trying to make claims that the visuals, effects and the voice overs are not important. They are very important and a necessity for making a video. But at the same time there are more important aspects to a great explainer video.

This article is specifically for those aspects which are not usually considered important.

So, here are the most important aspects of a great explainer video:


Content is usually not given enough importance as it should. People believe in the appearances, they want the surface to be really attractive. Visuals and effects are the surface of a video.

The content is the deeper meaning that a video carries, visuals and effects are just to drag the attention of the audience.

The real meaning lies in the content, in script of the video.

It is necessary to create simple yet meaningful content that would be enough to make the viewer understand but not give away too much.

This is a fine example of an explainer video with great content. The video covers everything about the company and has also chosen a great way of storytelling.


Copywriting can also be considered as a part of the content but let’s discuss it as a different aspect because it does not necessarily have to be meaningful, all it needs to do is advertise the product.

In its actual definition, is the art of writing persuasive advertisements which will attract people and their investments.

It is important because the main objective of any explainer video is to promote and advertise the subject matter.

Brand marketing

Brand marketing refers to capability of an explainer video to market the idea or the product of a company to the audience.

It consists of factors like – the suitability of the video towards the brand. The video made, inclusive of script, sound, visuals, effects and story; need to conform with the idea or the product.

When any explainer video company is making a video, they first try to understand the brand, their target audience. The audience’s needs and their resources and then they produce a suitable explainer video.

Attention captivating traits

Creation of a video is the birth of a video where the producers are the gods and can decide the traits that a video will born with.

It is very important for the producers to understand the video under-creation needs to be created with certain attention captivating traits which would attract a wider viewership with longer attention spans.

People over the internet tend to lose their attention in a matter of six seconds. If a video is able to attract their attention for more than that, it becomes quite definite, they are going to watch the video till the end.


The Spotify explainer video is the perfect example of an attention captivating video.

The way of storytelling

After studying all those aspects, everything in the video making business narrows down to the way of storytelling. Every brand, idea, product or proposal is a story and so the expression of the story becomes important.

It is a very important aspect of a great explainer video that it is using the right way of storytelling. There is no one right way to tell a story.

The way of telling stories varies from story to story.

One should choose a professional explainer video company who would understand the soul of the story inside the brand and knows just the right way to express it.


So, these aspects are not usually given enough importance while making an explainer videos when they deserve it.

It only takes a great explainer video company to understand these so important aspects of a great explainer video.

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