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March 5, 2018
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March 5, 2018

Top 10 explainer video companies in India

An explainer video production house is not anymore an alien concept to Indians. India’s dynamic economy and rising industries have forced the growth of marketing in the country, which in turn has led to rapid growth of the marketing mediums.

Explainer videos are short visuals, which are used to promote and introduce a product or a service to the video’s viewership. They deliver complex messages in simpler forms to the average customers.

As discussed earlier, they need for marketing has led to the growth of marketing mediums and what better medium is there than a short visual. Video content is of great use in showcasing a product or a service to the audience. This acceptance for video content being the best medium for marketing a product has led to a massive increase in explainer video companies in our country.

The explainer video production has also now turned into a monopolistic competition and so it is necessary to know about the best explainer video companies in India. WIth this article, we will try to bring out to you the best Indian explainer video companies. Our rankings are based on certain parameters which consensus among a lot of people involved with the industry, inclusively as well as exclusively.

The parameters are:

  • A sound portfolio
  • Cost effective wholly package
  • Production process
  • Testimonials


So based on these, here are the top 10 explainer video companies in India:

Blisstro videos

We are not overconfident or mean to showboat our company. This is the truth, plain and simple. Our company is the best company in India making the best explainer videos all around the globe.

According to the well set parameters, discussed earlier, it becomes easily evident that we stand upon the claims that we make.

If you check our website, you will find a well maintained portfolio with different kinds of explainer videos that we have made for the big-shot companies just like yours.

At the site, again, we have also provided details about the packages that we offer. Our packages are really cost effective. We try our best to give you the best with whatever resources you have.

Here is a sample video from our website:



If you see the video, you can clearly make out the professionalism that lies in the content and quality of the video.

We have talented technicians who make best quality videos with people writing wonderful and amazing scripts, along with professional people for voice overs.

At the end, we don’t want to brag about it but just to prove the point if you check our website, you will see testimonials from all the CEOs of the big shot companies whom we have worked with.


Another great company in the lineup is the WowMakers. They are one of the greatest explainer video companies in India.

WowMakers have a very well maintained portfolio with a lot of great explainer videos with great animation. They believe that their mission is to simplify ideas and messages with a human touch.

Here is a video from their website:



If you see this video, you will observe the fine craftsmanship of the video maker. The production process that they have used in order to make the video really attractive.

There are various companies that testify for WowMakers, it proves that they are reliable in the business

Again studios

Again studios has definitely done a great deal of work to make it to the cut here. They are one of the oldest video making companies in India.

It was established six years ago (that’s a lot of time in the explainer video production industries).

The company has a very impressive portfolio to showcase and even better quality of each and every video they make.They have done a great deal in the field of storytelling. Their scripts are amazing.

An example from Again studios:



This video can help you make out the amazing production process their videos go through.

There is no doubting the reliability of the Again Studios. They have worked with a lot of major companies, like, google and others in making explainer videos.

75 seconds video Delhi

Their tagline is “We make little explainer videos that give big results.”

They needn’t say anything more about their company, because that tagline says it all. All their videos are of 75 seconds as their name suggests.And, to your amazement all of them are so widely viewed all over the world. Their working includes a seven step process which consists of – concept, script, storyboard, voice-over, animation, sound-editing and handover. This clears the doubt on their process of production.

Here is a sample video from their portfolio:



The company has been testified by a lot of high profile CEOs and we ensure their credibility.

Amod Films

AmodFIlms claim that they make videos that will explain your videos effectively. Their illustrations are amazingly defined with an equally amazing script.

They have maintained a sound portfolio on their website which shows professionalism. They make these videos in six simple steps – Planning, Voice script and visual script, Voice recording, rough draft, Final preview of video, Deliverance of final HD video.

Hence, their production process consists of high expertise.

Their demo video:



Amod Films is great at their job and they have never disappointed their clients. Their clients are always extremely happy with them.


Their tagline is “Explainer video that simplify your brands message.” StudioTales’ tagline and their videos are both reliable. Their craftsmanship is unquestioned, they focus on results and conversions and they have always been excellent.

Here is an example from their portfolio:


They say that they make amazing explainer videos that help in promotion of businesses, products or services.

They have three pillars that lifts their company from their competitors – Excellent storytelling, Tech/content/market savvy and customer centric.

Their portfolio is well maintained and the site is very attractive. Their process of production, too lies on their three pillars. They have been testified by a lot of great companies.

Here is a fine example of their videos:

Mooments – Explainer Video


NinjaVideos have always proven their worth in the industry of explainer video production. They have helped a lot of companies in putting up excellent videos for their marketing campaigns.

They believe that viral traffic comes from videos and so videos are very necessary for different businesses to explain their propaganda.

Their portfolio is very sound and authentic.

Here is a sample from their videos:


Zweezle say that good design matters. They also claim that they make things look meaningful, engaging and pretty.

They sure are people of their words. A look at their portfolio proves it.

A video from their portfolio:

A look at this video tells a lot  about their production process. They have an excellent process of production which includes many steps that leads to process of perfect refinement of a video. This has been testified a lot of companies that have worked with them.


BotVideos believe in harnessing the power of videos.

In their opinion, a cool explainer video can you help you boost their business and increase the rate of conversions, a skyrocketing increase. They talk about how a video is most effective tool for mass communication of ideas.

Here is an example from their portfolio:

Their demo video talks about their production process and trust our opinion it is worth investing in.

There are a lot of providers for the same service in the market as you just read in this article.

Although, it is necessary to select the right ones even more important than the best ones.

Well, what a wonder it would be if the right ones are actually the best ones, unbelievable?  Go check Blisttro now, and start believing. We have got something for everyone and for all your needs.


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