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March 1, 2018
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Top 10 explainer video companies

In the past few years, explainer videos have gained a lot of significance as a medium of mass communication or rather mass advertising. Every other company is looking for explainer video makers, a lot of people believe in making them own their own but the success of the explainer videos lies in their quality and content. An amateur cannot create top notch content, it is a professional’s work and that is why there exists a lot of companies working in the field of making explainer videos.

Of course, investing into explainer videos is a reasonable investment but it does not mean that you invest in any explainer video; it needs to be of high quality and top notch content that will rocket up your business idea. In order to get the right explainer video you need to get into touch with the right explainer video company. While it remains to be a monopolistic competition and there exist a lot of companies producing explainer videos, everyone understands how hard it becomes to choose? There are quite a few good explainer video companies that you can consider depending upon your needs. These companies they have excellent expertise in different areas of video making. Some are focusing on great quality, some on content, some believe in lively animations and some in shorter videos and there may be some who make a good package of all these qualities.

So, now there are certain standards that an explainer video company need to hold in order to qualify to do justice with the advertising of your product/proposal/idea/service. These standards have been deeply researched and cross referred by the experts:

  • A sound portfolio – A portfolio takes you on a ride to company’s past. It consists of all the works that the company has done before. So, it becomes very necessary to check a company’s portfolio to know their methodologies and there qualities that were mentioned earlier in the article.
  • Cost effective wholly package – An explainer video company can only be the right one for you if it can work in accordance to what you need with what you have. The company should take into consideration your budget and give you a cost effective package and deliver to you the best they can with that. The company should be emphatic towards your feelings and understand your needs.
  • Production process – Process of production holds lot significance in the selection of the right explainer video services. Production process is the skeletal of an explainer video. So, it should consist of some necessary bones.
    -Flexible script writing
    -Illustrating and stylizing the characters
    -A professional voice for the video
    -Attractive animation
    -Suitable music and sound effects
    -Perfectly crafted wrap up
    -The final video should be appealing
  • Testimonials – The testimonials given by the people who have worked with the company before can prove to be of utmost importance. They are a very reliable source. So always do check the testimonials and also search about the company’s background on web searches before you finalise it.

Considering all these standards, and researching a lot of companies we have arrived to a ranking of sorts that can help the people looking for explainer video makers select the right makers for them. The ranking has been done on a top ten basis; the rankings are as follow:

  1. Blisstro Videos

This is true. We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but this is the truth; plain and simple. There is no denying that Blisstro proves itself the best if put into the standards discussed above. Blisstro’s portfolio proves that it has a natural way of producing quality videos which are a pleasure to the viewer’s eyes.

Our video making process is one of the perfect processes that you will find in today’s market. Our explainer videos go through each and every step as mentioned in the standards. They are finely crafted pieces of art. We don’t believe in arguing for the positions so you can do a little search of your own and know it on your own.

  1. Epipheo Studios

Epipheo is one of the oldest working explainer video companies. It is a respectful company and we consider it as a one of the producers who keep a balance between their scripting and logistics. There video quality is top notch and at the same time the content shown in their videos is no less. Epipheo has worked with a lot of huge industries and has always proven their worth. They have always lived up to the expectations of their customers.

  1. Thinkmojo

This is another of the top companies that you can choose to make your explainer videos. Thinkmojo, undoubtedly, has the best quality videos. They believe in clarity of the visuals. Thinkmojo, not only makes animated videos to spread business/product propaganda but they also work in making many educational videos, advertisements and other kinds. They have been there for all types of businesses and have given the best of the wholesome packages.

  1. Demo Duck

Demo duck is all about creativity and new ideas. It tends it focus on making a very sensible script and believe that the script is the most important part of the explainer videos. They work with heavily creative staff of content writers, illustrators, movie makers and produces the videos best suitable to customer needs.

  1. Explanify

Well, explanify is one of kind company. It has its own ways of working. It works in complete transparency, so that the customer won’t have to micro managed them, they share timely updates and they hide nothing from their customers. They also believe that one doesn’t simply want just a video; they want a video that gets the job done. They believe in the results.

  1. Sandwich video

They claim that they got into this by accident. But whatever accident that was, it has done wonders for the video making industry. If we consider real time videos, then sandwich is the greatest. Their script is mellow and funny and it always keeps the audience attention. They believe that they are not here to sell but to share through the medium of videos.

  1. Switch Video

The switch video company has belief in the propaganda of explaining things in 60 seconds. The company ensures 60 % engagement on the video; they say that they want to stand behind their work until the final results. They work towards making the complex ideas of a product real simple.

  1. Simple story videos

The simple story videos value the art of video of production and try their best to give their clients the finest and easy access to explainer video expertise. They believe that the creation and experience and the careful design of the video is the key to deliver their clients the best of what they want. They believe in fulfilling deadlines and developing a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with the people they work with.

  1. Wyzowl

Wyzowl video makers seem like really fun people to work with. They have worked with all kinds of propaganda, starting from one man start-ups to all the way to huge companies and industries. They also claim that they have a trophy for everything, they love to celebrate.

  1. Motioncrafter

They quote that, “We create simple, focused videos that moves prospects past roadblocks in your sales funnel.”  Motioncrafter video makers specialize in making landing page videos, sales enablement, videos for internal communication and videos that convey the essence of the true message. They are one of the finest and last one in our list.

All the companies that we have mentioned in our top 10 best explainer video companies are the ones who actually deserve to be there. The ranking is done under opinions but all these video producers have their own specializations in their own different fields. Yet, as we said we lay on the top for the reason that we are the right company for you and we will always be able to give you exactly what you want with the resources that you have.

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