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Top ‘n’ benefits of explainer videos

Did the title of the article confuse you? Does it feel indecisive or illogical? Does it feel like the employer suggested the writer employee an idea to modify? (Well, the last one could be true.) The truth is when you think of benefits of an explainer video, they are numerous benefits. It becomes too hard to decide which ones to mention. So we decided not to restrict ourselves to a number but to write freely yet concisely mention as many benefits as possible.

An explainer video is a short visual of about a minute or two that briefly introduces to the audience the real essence of a product/idea/proposal. It is attractive and meaningful. It is concise and informative. It is entertaining and enriched with the uses of a brochure. In a past few years, the explainer video services have grown enormously. The audience and the showmen have recognized it as one of the best medium to communicate to a massive viewership which would also captivate the audience’s attention.

So, now we know what an explainer video exactly, it brings us to the main part of the article – top ‘n’ benefits of an explainer video. As discussed there are a lot of benefits but we are going to keep short, so keep on eye for sub-benefits under the main titles.


  1. Attention seeking
    The factor of driving the attention of the viewer is of great importance. In the psychological realm, we can see that the attention span lies in the first part of memorizing something – that is the sensory registration. Sensory registers are the initial notes that a person makes when he sees anything. You walk in a public place  and you see a lot of faces, you don’t recognize them all after that one time until you take notice of some of them. This is what happens when an average person is surfing over the internet and going through randomness, the person’s attention span would lie between 6-8 seconds, if the content is able enough  to catch that person’s attention for a longer time, then it is pretty sure that the surfer is intrigued. This is what explainer videos are doing, they are flashy and they seek a random surfer’s attention in seconds and since they are short, nobody minds spending their time watching them fully.
  2. Higher rate of conversion
    Conversions refer to the accomplishment of the final goal in the process of product advertising, the final goal means the purchasing of the product. So, it is quite evident that explainer videos are capable enough to make a huge difference in increasing the rate conversion. More and more people go through the short videos which benefits the product or service being advertised by it.
  3. Easily shareable (the virality phenomenon)

    Videos poster on the web are very easy to spread across a wide spectrum of people. Anything that once goes online, gets connected to everything and everyone else online. The virality phenomenon plays a major role in this, all that a video needs is to fall into the lap of a right person who would share it to his colleagues, who in turn will continue to do the same until it reaches everyone on the internet.

  4. Video’s quality and efforts shows the accountability of a business

    If an explainer video is flashy, informative, entertaining and is serving its real purpose, then  it will make the viewers believe that the company is running a accountable business if they have put in so many efforts in delivering their idea to their to be-customers.

  5. Higher search engine rankings

    A great explainer video helps in boosting the rankings of a company in the online searches. Search engine optimization has gained a lot of importance in the field of business. An explainer video is the best way to increase your rankings online. An explainer video can help you take your company name on the top of the google searches.

  6. Time factor (timeliness of delivery)

    Time factor is of utmost significance in field. Explainer videos are short and fascinating and so they help a company in delivering their propaganda in a matter of seconds. In a B2B interaction it makes the communication easy because the other businesses are busy and timeliness of delivery can make them more satisfied and attracted to your product or service.

  7. Cost effectiveness

    Advertising is a heavy field, costing one a lot of money. So, it becomes better to use explainer videos, instead. Explainer videos are cost effective in the sense that are of one-time making. They are a one-time investment and later on all you need to do is wait for the results.

  8. Perfect elevator pitch

    An explainer video is a perfect elevator pitch. You imagine an average corporate Joe,entering the lift to go to this office on the tenth floor. He turns on an explainer video on his mobile phone, by the time he reaches his office and the lift opens, he’d be getting out of the lift, knowing where to invest his money next (your product). Just a lift ride created a conversion.

  9. Effective long term investment

    Putting up an explainer video is a great long-term investment. All you need to do is find a great professional company, like ours, which will offer you lot of pocket friendly packages. Invest into an explainer video and then just sit back watch the increase in conversions and earn the returns like never before.

  10. Screen indifference

    Explainer videos are indifferent to all the devices and screens. You can watch these like any other videos available online, be it on laptop or tele, or smaller screens like tablets and iPads, or even smaller, like your mobile phones. The videos and their quality are indifferent to all.



Explainer videos are the best tool to communicate an idea to a large audience. They also help in simplifying the complex message that an idea or product may hold. If you want to cross-check these benefits then please pay visit to our company’s portfolio. Our each and every video provides these benefits. Our company is trying its best to make explainer videos more worthwhile through their content and quality.


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