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March 5, 2018
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March 5, 2018

Video content vs Written content – Which is more valuable for the marketing of your product?

“Content is what matters the most.” We can all agree to this statement. It is safe to believe that once the audience gets through the flashy lights and appearances, they remain hungry. It is the wholesome content that can satisfy their desire and satisfy their mind and soul.

“The bright lights and lively scenes could be a candy to someone’s eye. But, the dull and complex comprehensions are food for everybody’s soul.”

This article is not about how valuable the content in any explanation is. That’s a fact everybody knows. This article is going to target the issue about which kind of content is more valuable than the other – video content or written content?

Visual content has gained a lot of importance in the past few years. There a lot of advantages that they hold. Like, they are easily understandable, they save viewers time, they are entertaining and attention captivating.

On the other hand, written content has always been of significance. The world has been using written content for communication for centuries. It has been used to spread news, communicate messages, means of entertainment and what not.

As one can easily comprehend that both kinds of content have their uses. They have been an integral part of our society in different time periods.

So, in order to decide which is better let us consider the ‘now’ and nothing else. The present is what matters. So we will discuss both the types in present scenario of the marketing world.

Opening statements

Visual content: It is claimed to be the best type of content explanation.

Their message forms are easily understood. They breakdown complex messages into simpler forms.

People don’t have to waste their time in going through every miniscule detail. They can get an easy overview about the subject matter in a few seconds.

Written content: It is claimed to be the most useful type of content explanation.

Written materials are inclusive of tiny details and so they don’t leave space for any cracks. A person who has his mind set on purchasing a product or a service. That person would like to go through a detailed proposal rather than a simplified overview.

Rise of the empire of the visuals

In today’s world we all know that video content is way ahead than the written content. The world is getting busy at being busy. People are losing their interests in things that do not concern them.

It is an impossible job for written content to make people take interest into something that they don’t know exists.

Although, at the same time a 60 second video with flashy animations with lively figure could interest them. Not directly into the product but into the prospect of entertainment.

The busy people will see the video for entertainment. And, once it’s over they would have on their minds a product or a service that they can use in their actual lives for better living.

“Entertainers are here to influence you.”

                                                                  -Bo Burnham

Clarity of explanations

This is an important parameter to decide between the two types of content. It is important to take notice if an explanatory content is able to convey the message to the audience.

Whatever the medium be, the explanations need to be clear.

In the case of video content, the explanations are pretty clear with the help of the animatory effects in the video and the expression of the phrases and technical words in the literal sense.

They are not very detailed but the are able enough to convey the real essence of an idea.

In the case of written content, the messages conveyed are definitely of the top most clarity. Since, you can make written materials as long as possible, articles, magazines, journals, books, novels (in the progressive order). But then, there lies a drawback in the written content. If the material is too long, then it is for certain that not everyone is going to read them thoroughly leaving cracks and errors.

Even if the people read them, they may make a negative impression of a product or a service as being highly complex.

Parting notes

Coming to the end of this discussion, everyone will agree that video content is clearly better than the written content.

Video content are easily decipherable whereas it becomes hard to decode the complexities out of the written content.

Undoubtedly some people will always prefer the written content, because every other being has his own preferences.

Nevertheless, in the world of marketing, video content is enjoying the popular support. Maximum number of viewers prefer visual explanations than written explanations. This saves them time in watching and understanding the actual meanings.

This standpoint is highly fair even if our company is working in the field of explainer videos production.

We work towards helping all kinds of businesses in marketing their product and services.

So, our fair share of experience in the field legitimizes us as being capable to make the decision of declaring the video content as being better than written content.

If you are a business-runner and looking for marketing of your product. Then, get into touch with us and decide for yourself which content is better.


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