Most important aspects of an explainer video
March 5, 2018

Comprehensive Guide To Learning Video SEO in 2018

You have a product that you want to be advertised, you want people to know about your product. You have an explainer video made to do that.

If yes, then you have entered the field on online marketing. And this field does not run on just quality content and infotainment kind of videos.

Yes, informative, engaging and quality videos are the most important part of online advertising. But there is a lot more to it.

The quality of the video and its content will get the audience interested into watching it. Although the question of “How will it reach the audience?” pertains.

People can’t watch your so “engaging” video if they don’t know about its existence. All the quality, all the content and all the money spent on it goes to waste.

This is the cue for video SEO to save your advertising campaign.

Using video SEO will help you and your video reach the the audience that are looking for you.

Why is Video SEO so important?

Video SEO is a very important process to publicize your video to the audience.

In the process of advertising a brand, a part includes advertising the product and another part includes advertising the video.

The video for a brand is meant to advertise the product, so now we are left with the other part.

That is, advertising the video.

To advertise the video, video SEO is very important. Video SEO will boost your SEO rankings and put your video on the top in the search engine results.

In a monopolistic competition, where there are a lot of providers of the same service, only SEO can help you to remain on the top of search engine results.

How to use video SEO?

In this article, we have already talked about video SEO and its importance. It is now time to learn how to use video SEO to boost your video’s SEO rankings. Boosted video’s SEO rankings will boost your product. So let’s get started:

Look for the right keywords

As the first step on using Video SEO is looking for the right keywords. This is the foremost and a very crucial step. Keywords are the words that are in your content and prove useful when your video is being searched for.

Now, you can not put up any keyword. A keyword becomes a keyword when it is being used by a lot of people online.

So, in order to choose the right keyword, you can use any software to help you out. You can use software like – AdWords tool for keywords or SpyFu keyword search.

While using SpyFu, you can log into the site and go to the “Keyword research”.

In the “Keyword research” area, Type in a keyword that you are looking for and see about its usability. If the word is the right keyword, then pick it up and get it down in your content.

Usage of the right keywords

In the previous step, we learnt how to find the right keyword. After finding the right keyword, it is the time to use that keyword in your content.

You need to use the keyword in your content in a manner that it does not look forced. If your keywords look forced, people won’t rely on your information. They will feel that they have been cheated through some SEO skills. (Yes, everyone knows about SEO.)

Overstuffed SEO keywords come across as pretty banal to the readers. Basically, avoid them!

You can also use these keywords in your file name. There is miniscule proof of what difference it makes in advertising. But there is no harm in doing it.

Title, introduction and proper tagging

Now, we are done with choosing keywords and using keywords. It is time to move on to the format of the video. It is very important that while uploading the video you upload it this particular way – Title, then introduction and then tags.

This may seem vague but these are the key elements in the video SEO.

Title – It is the first thing that a viewer will see. It is very important to rightly title a video.

The search engine results show the title of the video.

A very crucial measure while selecting title is that it shouldn’t be too long. It should exceed the limit of 70 characters. It needs to be catchy and it needs to be inclusive of the targeted keywords.

Introduction – The introduction of a video is the description of the video. Every project, every content, everything needs an introduction. It is necessary to show anything’s purpose briefly.

The introduction should not be really long, the viewer may find it a little banal.

It just needs to answer the audience’s question of why should they see this video. You can also put a link to your site if the viewer wants to visit it.

Tags – Tags are a very important part of video sharing and SEO boosting. Whenever you are uploading the video, you need to put tags.

Tags will help in getting trending, which will in turn boost your SEO rankings. Tags should consists of targeted keywords and other keywords that will help you in reaching to the online searchers.

Easily accessible and open to all

Your video needs to be easily accessible and in order to make it easily accessible, it needs to be open to all.

You need to put your videos on open. Common people won’t be able to search your videos if they are unlisted or private. Setting them private restricts your viewership and limits your video from spreading online.

Your video needs to be easily accessible as well. You should put up your video in all the places you can. The more publishing platforms your video will have, the better its SEO rankings will be. Especially in a time where exists a lot of platforms -Wistia, Vimeo, Sprout, YouTube, etc.

Change with time and results

The last step in video SEO is the constant change. You need to change your video settings constantly with time and results.

This means you will have to keep a track of the changes that are taking in online advertising, the monopolistic competition and your video’s viewership.

From time to time, you will have to check your video’s stats in order to learn about your targeted audience and make changes accordingly.

Your video stats will consist of the viewer ratings, the keywords attracting people to your videos and lot of other things about a customer’s behaviour.

You will have to keep on making enhanced changes in order to advertise better.


To sum up the article, you now understand and know how to use video SEO to boost your SEO rankings. You also must have learnt the difference between what advertises your product and what advertises your video.

It is the work of video SEO to advertise a video. The article proves the importance of SEO in video making processes and boost in conversions.

If you want to know more and need someone to video SEO for you, contact us at Blisstro.

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