Get Leads and Sales with Animated Explainer Video Ads on Facebook

Leads and Sales with Animated Explainer Video Ads on Facebook – With the introduction of Facebook Lead ads, the company’s ad platform introduced a whole new way to natively collect leads related to any possible topic from the website’s audiences. The beautiful thing about this new lead ad format was that the information was pre-populated from the info that was submitted by the user on their Facebook account.

Get Leads and Sales with Animated Explainer Video Ads on Facebook

Leads and Sales with Animated Explainer Video Ads on Facebook

These lead ads have gone through a lot of testing as well as changes by many of us and we might all have found the best ways to collect our leads using this format of the ad. But one thing that is common among all these ads is the fact that they seem to convert multiple folds better when videos are involved.

Videos for Lead Ads – Why?

Videos have become an integral part of our day to day internet usage and why not? They can be a great medium to consume information. More and more people are now using videos to promote something. Also, the fact that a short video can have as much information as a three-page written script solidifies the fact that videos are definitely the way to go if you want to promote something.

Videos can have a better Call to Action

Let’s face it, the proper sales and promotions are only complete when they’re coupled with some sort of subtle but strong call to action. Reading phrases like “BUY IT NOW”, “GOING FAST” in textual content has become such a normal sight for anyone on the internet.

But remember the last time you watched a TV infomercial and how you were intrigued to at least look at how the product worked, if not to buy it?

This is exactly where videos on the internet can make sense. Think about using a video for your lead ad and not selling anything while doing so. Asking people to submit details to know more about something makes them more comfortable to share their crucial information with you.

What kind of videos can I use?

Look, there are no issues when it comes to choosing the kind of video you want to use. You can literally use a smartphone to shoot yourself asking people to take action and submit their details. But do you think they would be so interested in such a jerry-rigged ad?

Using a professionally made video is very important! The videos that will get you the best results are the ones that are able to explain topics very easily in an illustrative way. The content that demos your product or tells people about something should be very clear and precise so that people can understand a lot of information in a short time.

Animated Explainer Videos for Facebook Ads

As mentioned above, the videos you should use should be short and precise, and the best videos of such nature are Animated explainer videos. For people who don’t know about the term “explainer videos”, these are videos made around a service, product, topic or something else in a very illustrative manner.

The graphics used are made very carefully and in accordance with the whole storyboard that explains your offering. These videos are great to use along with your lead ad. Not only do these videos work better than the textual content you want your audience to read, but it will be able to make the audience understand what you’re offering in a much better way.

Cartoon Explainer Videos are Short, Precise & Fun to watch!

Explainer videos are made around a story where you incorporate your message and offer it to the viewer. These videos contain information that is present in a fun to watch way and since these videos are professionally voiced, the information presented can be understood by the viewer easily.

The attractive animations and design elements make the video much more fun to look at and these videos can be customized to the core. You can get videos created that are totally in sync with the brand that you have. This is very very tough to attain in a live action video.

Explainer Videos Present Information in a Better Way!

Since the information is being voiced and dubbed professionally, the information is well in sync with the style and flow of the video. This is very important for a video to be interesting since you have to capture the attention of your viewer.

A lot of information can be demonstrated through words, actions, and graphics in form of video and since you can use all these elements together, a lot of information can be fed in a low amount of time.

How to use Animated Explainer Videos with Facebook Lead Ads?

Start by Creating a Campaign

Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and start creating a new campaign. Choose the Lead Generation objective and give your campaign a name.

Start by Creating a Campaign

Set up your Ad Set

The second step is to choose the Facebook Page you want to use to run the ad on. If this is the first time, you’re running a Lead Ad on the page, you will need to read and agree to the terms and conditions when asked.

Set up your Ad set

You will need to enter the audience that you want to target in the ad set options. On the very same page, you will be able to set up your budget, timeline for the ad, and placements. The Lead Ads will work on the following platforms.

Set up your Ad set

In the end, you will have to set up your budget and schedule for the ad. You can choose to run it continuously or set a start and end date for the products.

Budget Schedule

Time to create a great Animated Explainer Video Ad

This is where you’re going to set up your video lead ad. Start by giving your ad a name and then choose the identity you want to use on platforms like Instagram if you want to run your ad there as well.

Great Animated Explainer Video Ad

Choose the Single Video format and you will then be prompted to upload the video that you want to use. You can upload the chosen video and as you can see there are a few recommended things that Facebook suggests for your video.

You can use a video for Facebook that is up to 240 minutes while for platforms like Instagram feed and stories you are limited to videos with length up to 60 seconds.

Explainer Video Ad Format

Once the video is uploaded, you can choose the thumbnail for the video and you also have the options to add closed captions to the video.

Cartoon Explainer Video Ad Thumbnail

In the third step, you can enter other details like text, newsfeed description, headline and the call to action button. Facebook gives you a bunch of CTA buttons to choose from and they’re perfect in terms of getting action from your audience.

Explainer Video Ads Call to Action

Create a great form!

Facebook Explainer Video Ads Form

In the end, you get to create and completely customize the form for your lead collection. You can choose between more volume of leads and higher intent. This is done by Facebook by introducing an extra step of verification before the details are submitted. This is a great pre-verification method for collecting leads.

Once you have set up everything, all you need to click the confirm button and your ad will be submitted for review.

Wrapping it up!

So, this is how easily anyone can get started with a Lead Ad on Facebook that uses a video. Animated Explainer Videos have always been the elements that have worked better for promoting something online and with the introduction of a video on your lead ad, you can expect a better collection of leads as well.

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