How to use Animated Explainer Video with your Marketing Campaigns

How to use Animated Explainer Video with your Marketing Campaigns – When it comes to promotional videos, the explainer videos genre works the best and there are a few reasons why they work the best. First of all, the main focus of an explainer videos is to expand on and explain something that might be relevant to what you are marketing.

But there’s more to explainer videos than you can just deduce from the name. If you go ahead and start researching about this genre of marketing videos, you will notice that almost every company with a successful online presence works with an explainer video.

But how exactly can you use an explainer video in your marketing campaigns? This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this post.

How to use Animated Explainer Video with your Marketing Campaigns?

An Explainer Video is a video that is produced by keeping a specific topic in mind. These videos either explain a topic or they show a bunch of steps to do something. One such example of a really nice explainer video is given below.

This explainer video was created for a client to promote an app. The video, as you can see, features really well-done animations, clear and precise information about the app including the features. It is not only short but it also covers all the important aspects of the product in such limited amount of time.

A text based or image-based content for promoting such an app would have not worked as well as this video would. The best part about the video is that you can naturally add call to action details without clearly trying to sell something to the viewer.

3 Best Marketing Tips for your Animated Explainer Videos

3 Best Marketing Tips for your Animated Explainer Videos

Get your video translated into native languages

You don’t need to get the video translated in all the languages but yes, after a proper analysis of your audience’s region, it will be a good idea to get your video done in the native languages of those places.

Once you get the video translated, you have all sorts of options open for marketing. You can choose to show your videos on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and many others. These platforms let you target audiences based on age, location and more such factors and having the video in a language that is familiar to your audience will definitely work in your favor.

Use your video in your email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to convert your audience. The value of such an email list and the newsletter you send to them can be used for your advantage by adding videos to your newsletters.

Some clear benefits of doing this is getting much more attention in your newsletters from the audience. Traditional newsletters mainly contain texts and images in a layout that makes them stand out from normal email, and people avoid reading such email in detail.

Explainer videos will give you the proper way to convey your message to your audience by teasing their curiosity. You can use call to action terms like “Visit the link below” or “Check us out on our website” which will result in a better CTR rate as well. Your main goal should be to bring traffic to something you want to promote and explainer videos will help you do exactly that.

Be different from your competition

You might think that the bigger companies are using newer ways to promote something to your audience but you will be surprised to see how many businesses and products still rely on text and image based content to promote something.

By using an explainer videos, you will be able to do something different that will make you stand out from the rest of the competition. Doing something new in your niche might get the boost that your brand might be looking for.

3 Essentials of Animated Explainer Videos for Marketing Campaigns

3 Essentials of Animated Explainer Videos for Marketing Campaigns

Choose a good agency to get your videos produced

Choosing the right company to get your Explainer Video produced. Here’s what you should look for in a company:

  • Good Portfolio: A good Explainer Videos agency will have an impressive portfolio with clients that should include some bigger names.
  • Flexible & Good-looking Animation Style: Every Explainer Videos agency has their own way of animating the videos but a good explainer video will be the one that uses an animation style which is concurrent to the topic/product/company it is promoting. It is very important that the animations align with the kind of branding you are using in the video.
  • Pricing: This is one of the main factors when you are getting an explainer video produced. Every agency has their own pricing structure and they should be flexible on the pricing, depending on the contents of the video and the duration as well.

If you want to get your Explainer Videos done, you might as well contact Blisstro Videos. As an agency, we have worked and delivered successful explainer videos to a plethora of clients including some bigger players like Tinder, DHL, Lean In and more companies with similar profiles.

Decide the direction of the video

Every Explainer Video, as mentioned above, has a topic to talk about. It can either be a promotion for a product or a tutorial in which you guide your viewers through steps to do something. An amalgamation of both of these things can also work great but you should finalize what your video is going to be about.

Start Promoting your Video

You can use promotional channels like Email Marketing, Ads on Facebook, YouTube and other similar networks to promote your video. If your main target is to get people’s attention with the video, then platforms like YouTube will work great.

Even Facebook and Instagram will work great since on these platforms you can generate interests in order to gather attention from potential customers. Add to that the ability to tailor target the type of audience that you want to promote your video to and your campaigns will generate great results. Keep in mind that the planning for the campaigns should be done in advance.

Wrapping it up!

As you went through this post, you might have understood the various aspects of an explainer video that you, as a marketer can use for your benefits. These videos work best when you target them on interest generation platforms where people will watch your video out of curiosity and then take action on things you show in the video.

These videos will also benefit you when you promote them in your email marketing newsletters since you will be able to convey your messages in a much more interactive manner.

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