Our Process

If you’re wondering how we, at Blisstro, create our explainer videos,
here’s the step by step process for you.



Our professional copywriter would write the perfect script for you, that would connect with your audience and deliver your message in the right way. If you already have a script, we’d love to assist you in making it better and crispier.


Illustrations and Style

We share the custom-made illustrations and graphics that give you an idea of the animation style, graphic style, characters, colours and the visual 'feel’ of your video.



One of our professional voice over artist’s records a voice over in a way that it best suits your industry, script style and the message that you want to convey. We work with only the best in the world.



We bring all the graphics you choose and approve, to life. This is when you get to see everything moving, from dynamic characters to backdrops, the blissful baby comes to life.


Music and Sound Effects

We add the right background music and sound effects to enhance the animations and make them livelier. They are placed to go with the story and emotion.


The Wrap Up

Everything is exported into an HD video file and delivered to you.


Lets Party

Now you’d be ready to go and share your video on your website, landing pages, presentations, emails and social media platforms.

Our Promise

We provide unlimited revisions at every stage. We move to the next steps only when you’re totally convinced and satisfied with the formers.

Our smooth and systematic process enables our customers to get what they want and go with huge smiles on their faces (and coming back for more too *Fingers Crossed*) To learn more about our process or pricing, visit us at blisstrovideos.com and get in touch with us today.