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Nishkarsha Sharma

Owner and CEO

Srijan Bhardwaj

Owner and CEO

Harpreet Chhabra

Sales Manager

Atif Khan

Production Manager

Mansi Rastogi

Production Manager

Vaibhav Dangwal

Project Manager

Ashutosh Mishra

Business Development Manager

Blisstro: How we came up with this name ?

We were tired of businesses missing the point and not sharing their story with clarity. In 2015, we launched Blisstro Videos with a vision to simplify the complex. We are a team of enthusiasts focused on delivering complicated business messages through short and simple videos. We research and broadcast the core message of your business in the most efficient way possible.We are well-known in the industry for explainer videos that capture attention and motivate action from visitors. We have created videos for popular Fortune 100s company like Deloitte, Tinder, DHL and many more.

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